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Aircraft ownership can be the most attractive investment offering the best flexibility and convenience that air travel can offer. Aircraft operations can very easily result in being one of the most expensive outgoings for the luxury of flexibility and convenience. However, with your aircraft managed by the right company, such costly outgoings can be minimized to ensure the advantages of aircraft ownership become value for money. 


Discovery Jets works hard to remove the costly downsides of aircraft ownership and logistics to become a luxury that is enjoyable and worry free. Each of our clients have the ability to select the full management part 135 package or the part 91 convenience package only. Each package ensures that full operational control is retained by Discovery Jets in compliance with federal regulations.


At the end of each month, our clients receive a full detailed summary of aircraft activity, financial status of the aircraft account, market forecasts and aircraft valuations, fuel price summary and any market updates or announcements on mandatory upgrades relevant to our client’s aircraft.  


As we continue to grow our operation, one thing that remains constant is our dedication to safety. Discovery Jets is currently Argus Gold rated and we will continue to better our ratings as our company grows. Shortly introducing an SMS program and working towards Argus Platinum and IS-BAO, Discovery Jets ensures that whether pilots, operations or maintenance, safety sits at the forefront of our operational capability ensuring that our client’s never need question they are with the right management company.


Discovery Jets are flexible with how we structure our management arrangements with our client’s. Whether a part 91 or 135 package or an a la carte structure, all the economies of scale are passed on to our client’s. Our client’s gain the advantages of savings through FBO charges, fuel costs, insurance, flight crew training, flight planning, maintenance tracking and planning, spare parts purchases, crew transfers and catering. Discovery Jets spend thousands of dollars each year on variable and fixed cost expenses and those volume discounts are passed on to each of our client’s when they fly their own aircraft privately and commercially.


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