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On Demand Charter

Discovery Jets offers aircraft management to best suit our client’s needs. Whether part 91 or part 135 management, Discovery Jets is well suited to ensure that reliability and discretion is maintained at all times. 


Many clients decide to keep complete utilization control of their aircraft under part 91 management whereas other clients elect to take full advantage of taxation benefits and have their aircraft managed under part 135 operations. The advantages of part 135 operations are having the ability to charter out the aircraft on the days the aircraft is not flying and generating additional revenue and utilizing the charter work as an additional tax benefit. 


Discovery Jets utilize its exclusive GSA to market and sell all part 135 charter flights for all of its fleet. Our GSA specializes in on demand aircraft charter with a dedicated sales team having a portfolio of thousands of clients. Market exposure, responsiveness and a proactive approach to selling aircraft charter capacity makes the difference between an aircraft operating 5 hours or 80 hours of charter per month. Our sales team sell on average between 50 and 80hours per month of charter per aircraft which therefore differentiates Discovery Jets from the other Jet Management Companies available in the market.   

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